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No charge and no pain, easy on your wallet and your mind. No need to call us in order to upgrade or
update the software or the server, it's done overnight ON OUR EXPENSE!

Always the latest version of: Medisoft Network Professional, Office Hours Professional, Medisoft
Reports Professional, Revenue Management, iOfficeHours, and MANY other add-on programs we will
provide you with free of charge.


Unlimited Remote & Telephone support 

Are you afraid to call because you don't want to populate a huge support bill?
Fear no more, we will provide you with unlimited remote & telephone support.

We only get the best. Our handpicked certified technicians are available via phone and e-mail to assist
you with any problems or questions you may have. This may be one of the best benefits of this program.

Managed daily backups 

Backups get done every night internally to the server's hard drive, to a mirrored NAS (Network Accessed
Drive) and to two secure, fully protected server's (one in Canada and one in New Jersey) to make sure
your data is as safe as can be.

Plus, you can always ask us for a backup; you have full access to them, anytime!



No initial cost 
This is a "Pay As You Go" plan. You pay a low monthly fee, with no contract. If you are not satisfied at
any time, you may take your data and move it wherever you wish.


No need to purchase server 
The server is on our side and is purchased by us. As simple as that!


Server maintenance 
We maintain and upgrade/update the server frequently,  were always on the latest and greatest. 


Access from anywhere 
Home, airport, coffee shop, or in one of your offices.

As long as you have high speed internet access (these days it's almost everywhere) and a device that can
run remote desktop (almost any device can) you can log in and access the program. Anywhere,


High speed connectivity 
Internet speed as well as the uptime and reliability is always important. Like the software and hardware,
this is updated and managed at all times. 


Hassle free claim submissions 
We hold your hand all the way, from setting it up to getting accepted.
Whichever way you would like to send claims is supported by us. Paper, clearing-house, or direct.


Office Hours from your phone 
We will provide you with iOfficeHours, Office Hours for your phone or iPad to as many concurrent
devices as you wish, at no additional cost.

Now doctors can view their schedule and make appointments easily, anywhere they are.  While they are
on a call with a patient, they can book their appointment.  They can also view their schedule and email
or call with one click from the patient details!



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