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How to Add an Image on IMS
1. Click Setup then Visit Note   2. Scroll down and look for Image and then double click.  Visit Note Image screen will open   3. Click on Add button. 4.&..
How to Add/Edit an Allergy from the Visit Note
1. . There are two ways to add/edit an allergy from the visit note screen. One is by clicking the allergy at the menu tool bar and the other is by clicking allergy tab found on the left panel. &..
How to Import/Add a Careplan in IMS
1. Click Setup and then select Visit Note. 2. Once the visit note set up center is opened, scroll down and select careplan by double clicking. 3. Careplan window will o..
How to Access Patient Masters from the VN or from the Wally Icon
1. Click on the wally icon on the visit note toolbar or in the IMS  gold bar. 2. If done from the visit note, click on edit found at the bottom of the window and the patient master sc..

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