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How to send visit notes in the IMS using the email
How to send visit notes in the IMS using the email   Got the chart view     Select the patient     Put a check mark on the visit note you want to send and click the email above     Put check mark under the patient and en..
How to Set Color Coding to show in Transaction Screen
When setting different colors to determine the status of the claim in the transaciton screen, follow the steps below. 1. Open File >> Program Options 2. Select the Color-Coding Tab. Here you can select the color you prefer per status.  3. Then go back to the transaction s..
Create FTP task schedule
FTP Task Scheduler The Task Scheduler allows you to run two types of schedule task -- queue session task and directory synchronization task -- either once or repeatedly. A queue session task is simply to load a session (in form of .tbx file) into the transfer queu..
How to resolve signature now showing up in box 31?
Prologue: Physician signature. Whether anything prints in this field is governed by the Provider window, Address tab, Signature On File box being selected (checked). If this box is selected and if the Physician Signature on File box in the Insurance Carrier  window, Options and Codes tab, ..
Prescription interface not working in Dr. Taras' Medisoft
If the office of Dr. Taras calls saying they are not able to do medicare prescriptions, go to mediserver and check if both Mirth Connect Service and MPIC Service are started. If not, start them. They should be able to do prescriptions now.  ..

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