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2420 B loop
(2420B loop) on quite a few claims stating ‘Service Line Purchased Service Provider NPI is invalid. Go to CPT codes and delete the purchased service amount and make sure the service box is not checked. After removing the service amount resend the claims ..
Remote Desktop Management Service (RDMS) Not starting.
In the case where RDMS (Remote Desktop Management Service) is not starting, the fix is to restart the "Windows Internal Database" service and THEN start RDMS again   1. Restart Windows Internal Database ..
How To: Disable Automatic Updates in Windows Server
Purpose   This documents describes how to disable Automatic Updates in Windows Server 2016.   Solution   Open SCONFIG and verify your current Windows Update Settings: Open a command prompt with Admin permissions. Type sconfig and press Enter. N..
MIPS Category: Improvement Activities Setup and Implementation
1. The second MIPS category that we need to work on is Improvement Activities category. To start, go to Setup >> MIPS. 2. Double click on MIPS Measures. 3. Select the latest template created then select Improvement Activities in the Category section then click Edit button above. ..
How to begin the MIPS process
MIPS stands for Merit-Based Incentive Payment System. A Medicare incentive program that allows eligible clinicians to receive bonus incentives if they comply to the requirements set by CMS which they need to peform using their EHR system. If they won't participate, they will get a penalty, a de..

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