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Create a record for an employee or provider
You can create a record for an employee or provider on the Employee/Provider screen.   To create a record for an employee or provider, follow these steps:   1. On the IMS home sc..
Schedule a new patient with basic chart information
To create a chart while scheduling a patient, follow these steps:   1. In the gold bar of the Schedule Entry window, select the procedure type from the Type list.   2. To check i..
Schedule a new patient without creating a chart
You can schedule an appointment even if the patient does not have a chart information.   To schedule the appointment, follow these steps:   1. On the gold bar of the Schedule Ent..
Schedule a registered patient
    When a patient is already registered in IMS, you can search for his or her name in the database, and then add the appointment details. To schedule a registered patient, foll..
OA Receiver Message.docx
OA Receiver Message     When this comes up, check the receiver setup. Go to Activities >> Revenue Management  >> Configure  >> Receivers. Here ..
Medicare Claim Transmission Errors (Dialing issues/Port Not Found)
Port Not Found   When sending claims to medicare and you will get a message saying port not found, follow these steps.   Open Activities >> Revenue Management ..
How to set path for receivers in IMS
Invalid path when sending electronic claims   Steps: Check C drive on local pc if there is a folder for the receiver. Example: OfficeAlly folder or MediCal folder In Mediso..
Diagnosis in Red
How to correct diagnosis showing red in the transaction screen   Click the dropdown arrow on the selected diagnosis that shows red.     Select and ICD-9 that has an ..

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