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Is the prompted error message?   Run window (Win + R) and typed gpedit.msc to open the Local Group Policy Editor.   Navigated to Computer Configu..
IMS Local Install
When installing IMS to workstations, make sure the computer is within the network where the IMS server is.  1. Open network and locate where the IMS server is. In this example, the IMS server ..
Installing Google Authenticator on Google Chrome
1. Open Google Chrome (you can only use Google Chrome with this extension) 2. Go to 3. Click Inst..
How to Search Specific Labels
When printing a label for a specific office, or has specific criteria, instead of going to reports, go to Utilities >> Patient Special Search. Here you can filter the criteria you want to search..
How to upload patient statements from IMS to patient portal
1. Go to Billing menu tab >> Patient Statements >> Patient Statements customized 2. Select which patient statement you want to upload to portal and click on upload on portal below. ..
The remote desktop services Activex control (mstscax.dll) does not match the version of the client shell
  -Delete the mstsc.exe.bak and mstscax.dll.bak files (Go to local disc C, Windows folder then System32 folder. C:\Windows\System32)   -Apply the cloudfix again (http://www.1..
How to add new user in IMS
How to add new employee inside the IMS   Go to Setup> Office     Choose Employee/Provider     Fill up the informations (Name, Last name, S..
No signature Found: Unable to print a prescription.
    -Set up   -User parameters   -Filter the “Sig”   -Then select “Yes” on Allow to select signature (other)   ..
How to change password in IMS
How to reset the password in IMS   Login first as admin in IMS and click setup> Security     Click the drop down and look for the username you want to change or un..
Post payments through the Patient Payment Posting screen
On the Patient Payment Posting screen, you can receive and record patients’ payments.   To post payments through the Patient Payment Posting screen, do the following:   1. ..

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