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Error in sending claims in IMS
When you are getting this error when sending claims, close IMS and register the controls.  To register the controls, log in to the IMS server at night and make sure no client is logged in...
How to reprint a statement in IMS from 30 days to 0 days
How to reprint a statement in IMS from 30 days to 0 days   Go to Setup and choose System parameter     Type Statement in the filter     Change ..
RESOLUTION 1:  To resolve this issue, follow these steps: Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete two times on the Welcome screen to retrieve the standard Windows logon dialog box. Log on by u..
Camera Access On Windows 10 Using Local Group Policy
There is a special Group Policy setting in Windows 10 which can be used to deny camera access to apps. Before you continue, please keep in mind that Group Policy overrides options in the Settings app ..
Prevent Apps from Accessing Camera in Windows 10
The Settings app in Windows 10 provides a simple user interface which should be enough in most cases.   1. Open Settings   2. Go to Privacy\Camera   3. On..
UB-04 Form Overview
The UB-04 uniform billing form is the standard claim form that any institutional provider can use for the billing of medical and mental health claims. It's printed with red ink on white standard p..
SFTP Setup for Claims Automatic Upload to Clearing House
1. Make sure the file path under "Transfer EMC file to"  in IMS is set to the correct folder.  2. Download the installer on the server.  3. Run it as administrat..
IMS Server Install
1. Get the installer in and log in. Select FTP on the buttons at the top.  2. Select Install Kits.  3. Select the first one that has NEW on it. Download t..
How to enable remotescan in a particular IMS user
If all the setup up is done for the scanner including the remotescan server application in the computer as well as selecting the right scanner in the remotescan tray, but still the scanner won't w..
Error in scanning: Scanner could not allocate required memory
When you are trying to scan in IMS and it gives you a message about needing to allocate more memory, check the disk space in the server and remove the unnecessary files especially old backups. You can..

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