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Delete Remote Printers from Remote Server
When remote printing has many issues with remote users it's good to remove the printers from registry. To do this:   1. Open registry editor by hitting windows + r on the keyboard​&nbs..
How to manually update the IMS Local
Ho to manually update IMS Go the IMS server and choose all the file that is outside the folder from A to Z     Select them all and copy it and paste it in the local dri..
How to check the IMS password of a user
1. Log in as system user with admin as the password. Use geraldin as the MEM user ID and ga07211988 as the password and check the box that says I am a VAR. Then go to Setup >> Secuirty.  ..
How to Merge 2 same patients in IMS
1. Go to Utilities >> Patient >> Patient Merge 2. Select the patient that you want to remove on the left part then select the other patient that you want to keep on the right. Check..
How to Deactivate an IMS User
1. Go to Setup then select Office.  2. Double click on Employee/Provider.  3. Search the user you want to deactivate by clicking on the blue binolocar icon on top then unc..
How to Add IMS User
When adding and IMS user and IMS login, follow the steps below. 1. Click Setup then select Office.  2. Select Employee/Provider. 3. Add the employee information.  4. ..
How to set statement cycle days in IMS
To set the cycle days to 30 for statements, you can go to Setup >> System Parameters. It will open the paramater screen. Search "statement" on the search field above and click Filter..
How to send visit notes in the IMS using the email
How to send visit notes in the IMS using the email   Got the chart view     Select the patient     Put a check mark on the visit note you want ..
How to set a report in IMS to My Favorites
1. Click Report and select All.  2. You will see here different report categories.  3. Select any report category. For this example, I selected Billing then Claim Report. There..
How to Fix Faxes Issues in Dr. Benzur's Office
1. Since they are still using the old Rhino Fax Sever, which Meditab doesn't support anymore, they will always have a fax prooblem in IMS. The faxes are stored in the windows 7 machine. If they are no..

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