Delete Remote Printers from Remote Server
When remote printing has many issues with remote users it's good to remove the printers from registry. To do this:   1. Open registry editor by hitting windows + r on the keyboard​&nbs..
Record is Locked
Steps to resolve " Record is locked error" at Medisoft clnical while accessing patient records. 1. Ask the practice to log off from Medisoft clinical 2. Login to Server and restart PMSI CTre..
How to change the default view statement in office hour
How to change the default view statement in office hour   Create Chrome shortcut in medisoft first   Go to tools > customize menu item     Click add a..
Error 5016 when Updating Medisoft
When you update an older version of medisoft to the latest version, make sure to update it by 3. If the client has V14 of medidata to be transferred to the cloud, update it first from your local compu..
How to Set Color Coding to show in Transaction Screen
When setting different colors to determine the status of the claim in the transaciton screen, follow the steps below. 1. Open File >> Program Options 2. Select the Color-Coding Tab. He..
Prescription interface not working in Dr. Taras' Medisoft
If the office of Dr. Taras calls saying they are not able to do medicare prescriptions, go to mediserver and check if both Mirth Connect Service and MPIC Service are started. If not, start them. ..
How to Add Facility in Box 32 of the CMS-1500 Claim
1. Go to List then select Facility. 2. Select the facility you are going to work on. You can double click on the facility or click the edit button below.  3. Select which insurance ..
How to show the other options under Tools menu
Upon opening the Tools menu, and you see only a few options there. Follow these steps.  1. Click on the small inverted triangle dropdown mark at the upper right corner in line with the me..
How to Add Resubmission Code for electronic claims
When adding a resubmission code for electronic claims, check this information. It will appear on box 22.  Box 22 is used to list the Original Reference Number for resubmitted/corrected claims...

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